Exploration and science

OHB is closely involved in exploration and space science via a wide range of different national and international projects, acting as both a components supplier and a principal contractor.  As the largest German space technology company, OHB additionally takes the initiative and performs its own self-financed exploration and space science studies.

Exploration and space science involve a high degree of cross-disciplinary questions, thus creating new technological approaches and fresh opportunities for science, research and business.

This entails missions dedicated to planetary science, fundamental physics and astrophysics as well as the harnessing of extraterrestrial resources. These are supplemented by technology demonstration missions which are relevant for the areas mentioned above.

For example, OHB System is currently working on a two-part ExoMars mission, a flagship project within the ESA Aurora program in conjunction with the Russian space agency. This mission is currently concentrating on a scientific examination of Mars from orbit and on the surface to search for life on this planet.

The first sub-mission has already entered the implementation phase and is to be launched in 2016. This will be followed by the second mission in 2018, when the ExoMars rover is placed on the planet’s surface.

In addition to ExoMars, OHB System is conducting further studies for exploring the moon, Mars and other celestial bodies such as Jupiter and asteroids.