Human Spaceflight and Microgravity Research

Since its founding development, manufacture and qualification of infrastructure and experiment systems for human spaceflight and scientific research under microgravity conditions missions has been one of the core activities at the two OHB System company locations in Bremen and in Oberpfaffenhofen (formerly Kayser-Threde GmbH). In the last four decades OHB has been deeply involved in all European human spaceflight missions - as the International Space Station (ISS), MIR, EURECA and Space Shuttle/Spacelab, on unmanned microgravity research capsules (e.g. FOTON, BION), or on sounding rockets (TEXUS and MAXUS).

OHB System has gained key experience and competencies in the development, qualification and operation of experiment systems for all types of µg platforms and especially for ISS infrastructures, facilities, subsystems and experiments.

In several completed and ongoing projects, OHB was entrusted with the development of ISS infrastructure and experiment systems including the

  • data and power systems,
  • the implementation and qualification of instruments and sensors as well as fluidic, optical systems and mechanisms,
  • the flight and ground segment software,
  • the functional and environmental testing and finally
  • the successful handling of the applicable safety and acceptance processes.

Furthermore OHB is involved in various technology demonstration projects as well as in exploration research and technology innovation preparatory studies for future human spaceflight activities in the Low-Earth orbit and beyond.