Human Spaceflight

Human spaceflight is an important area of business for OHB System which can look back on a long tradition. The space experts at OHB have worked on 6 Shuttle/Spacelab missions, 2 MIR missions and the EURECA mission, performing development and operating tasks.

The Company is also making a key contribution to what is currently the largest space project, namely the ISS International Space Station. In fact, OHB-System is the second largest German company participating in the construction of the ISS and the only European partner involved in all of the scientific systems for the COLUMBUS module.

The OHB Columbus Expert Center is an active part of the industrial operator team (IOT) for the scientific utilization and operation of the Columbus facilities. The OHB space experts provide payload engineering and operating services for the equipment developed by OHB and the subsystems fitted to other ISS facilities.

Other development tasks include the infrastructural elements for Columbus, the Node 2 and 3 linking modules and the X-38/CRV rescue vehicle. During the development of the Automated Transfer Vehicles (ATV), OHB was responsible for the development and series production of the entire cabling and meteorite protection system.

Activities at OHB System site Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich, cover sounding rocket missions, re-entry capsules, payloads for Shuttle and Spacelab missions as well as experiments and facilities for space stations MIR and ISS.