International Space Station ISS

In the infrastructure development of the International Space Station ISS, OHB-System was involved in major structural elements, cabling/harnesses for entire modules as well as measurement systems. This specifically entails the following:

  • The entire cabling of COLUMBUS, Europe's main contribution to the International Space Station ISS
  • The entire cabling and secondary structure of the Node 2 and 3 modules connecting the main ISS laboratories

COLUMBUS European research module

OHB-System produced the entire harness, which comprises eleven main elements, for the European space laboratory COLUMBUS within the International Space Station ISS. The Electrical Test Module (ETM) and the Flight Module (FM) harnesses were produced and tested in OHB-System's Columbus clean room. After testing, the ETM harness was integrated by OHB-System at Astrium. The FM harness was integrated in special jigs which were designed and built by OHB-System to exactly simulate the interfaces between the cable harness and the structural parts.

PICA (Pre-Integrated Columbus Assembly) is currently the largest harness project, allowing OHB-System to demonstrate its skills in this area.

Internal facilities:

OHB System developed numerous experiment facilities for the International Space Station ISS, including, for example, the European Physiology Module (EPM), a facility for conducting physiological experiments in space, and the Flywheel astronaut fitness device.

It also worked on the biological laboratories Biolab and EMCS, the European Modular Cultivation System, developing and assembling the centrifuges and life-support systems for both laboratories. OHB played a key role in the development of the FSL (Fluid Science Lab) and the universal EDR (European Drawer Rack) fitted to the COLUMBUS module. OHB System developed the video management units for recording and transmitting the experiment data.

In addition, it developed the ETC (European Transport Carrier) stowage rack, which is specifically designed to accommodate the necessary components for the scientific experiments on board the Columbus.

OHB System is the only space technology company which was materially involved in all of the research modules fitted to the COLUMBUS laboratory.