Advanced Thermal Control Experiment highly successful

Test bed for optimized thermal control on spacecraft working nominally on the US Shuttle STS 107 mission

The "Combined 2 Phase Loop Experiment" (COM2PLEX) was developed by OHB System AG under contract to the European Space Agency ESA and its German counterpart DLR. The experiment is currently being tested on the US Shuttle Mission STS 107 which started on January 16th, 2003.

The three capillary driven fluid loops were manufactured separately by ASTRIUM (France), SABCA/EHP (Belgium) and by OHB's partner Lavochkin/Tais, Moscow and delivered to OHB-System for integration. OHB has the overall responsibility for experiment control and data evaluation during the mission.

All loops are performing nominally. Based on the data received the experiment can be consider a major success after only five of the 16 mission days. The purpose of the tested fluid loops is to efficiently cool electronic equipment in future communications satellites. The present in-orbit test will qualify the technology for use in the harsh space environment.

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