Alcatel and OHB set the seal on their cooperation

Contract between ALCATEL SPACE and OHB System AG will be signed on Friday in Bremen

Pascal Sourisse, Chairman und CEO of Alcatel Space, and Prof. Manfred Fuchs, Chief Executive Officer of OHB-SYSTEM AG, will be signing a contract concerning the radar electronics units for the satellite-based reconnaissance system SAR-Lupe on Friday. With this contract Alcatel Space will be receiving an order from OHB-SYSTEM with a volume of around EUR 50 mn for developing, manufacturing and delivering the SAR-Electronics Units (SEU) for all of the five satellites of the system.

The SEU generates the radar pulses, which are transmitted via amplifier and antenna to the ground. The returning radar echoes are sent to the receiver for processing by the SEU. With Alcatel Space OHB-System has selected a strategic partner for the satellite-based reconnaissance system SAR-Lupe which is the leading European company in the field of radar-electronics.

About SAR-Lupe

SAR-Lupe is Germany´s first satellite-based reconnaissance system. It consists of five identical small satellites and a ground segment. OHB-System AG is developing the overall system as the prime contractor for the German government. The launch of the first of five satellites is planned for the beginning of 2005 on board a Russian launcher. The overall system will be completed in 2006 to deliver radar images for the German Armed Forces for at least ten years.

Due to the intelligent combination of existing technologies, SAR-Lupe operates independently of weather conditions on a 7/24 basis. It delivers up-to-date and highly detailed images from virtually all regions of the world. SAR-Lupe will give the German Government the tool to identify and monitor regions of latent crisis at an early stage. With SAR-Lupe Germany will be joining the countries with satellite reconnaissance and thus avoid unilateral dependence.

About Alcatel Space

Alcatel Space ranks among the world's leading space systems prime contractors. Leveraging its dual expertise in civil and military applications, Alcatel Space develops satellite technology solutions for telecommunications, navigation, optical and radar observation, meteorology, and scientific applications.

The company is also Europe's number one prime contractor for Earth observation, meteorology and navigation ground segments, as well as space systems operations. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcatel, Alcatel Space generated revenues of 1.4billion euros in 2001 and has 6,500 employees. For more information, please visit our website at

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