At its 3rd Capital Market Day the OHB Group looks forward with optimism

Earnings preview 2006: earnings per share expected to be 80 cents

2007 outlook: Total revenues of around EUR 200 million are expected

Today OHB Technology AG (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124) announced at the occasion of the third Capital Market Day at its headquarter in Bremen that the earnings per share for 2006 of 80 cents would likely slightly exceed the outlook for the OHB Group of 79 cents per share.

The Management Board and other experts from OHB Technology AG’s individual divisions met with analysts, bankers, investors, and journalists in Bremen for the purpose of taking a deeper look at future projects, their formation and the current developments in the field of space technology. Aside from the profitable activities of the SAR-Lupe project and the efficient integration of MT Aerospace, emphasis here was placed particularly on the outlook for future projects in space technology. Dr Manfred Fuchs, board member responsible for the space systems + security division, presented a detailed and forward-looking view of the new space technology goals for the coming decades.

The essential targets of the OHB Group for 2006 were likely met in all divisions and in some even exceeded. The anticipated total revenues for 2006 in the amount of about EUR 180 million exceeded the forecast value of EUR 175 million by about 3 %. The expected EBIT of EUR 20.2 million, which came in far above the forecast (EUR 13-14 million), profited in 2006 from a one-off of EUR 7 million, putting the adjusted EBIT value of EUR 13.2 million right in the target range. Along the same lines, according to the Board’s outlook, 2006 earnings per share also profited from this one-off and, at an expected 80 cents per share, slightly exceeded the already increased forecast of 79 cents per share announced with nine-month figures in November 2006. The corresponding adjusted earnings per share value amounts to 51 cents per share and is also one cent above the value forecast in November 2006.

For the coming year, 2007, the Management Board expects consolidated total revenues for the OHB Group of about EUR 200 million, to which all divisions should contribute, having improved total revenues compared to 2006. The 2006 earnings per share of an expected 51 cents adjusted for the one-off should grow just under 8 % to about 55 cents per share for 2007. Dividend payments are again planned for both the previous fiscal year 2006 and for 2007.

The complete and audited 2006 Group annual accounts of OHB Technology AG will be explained in detail at the annual press conference in Bremen and the analyst’s conference to follow on the same day in Frankfurt/Main on 28 March 2007.

Annual press conference at 9:00 a.m. on 28 March 2007
at OHB Technology AG in Bremen

Analyst’s conference (DVFA) at 2:30 p.m. on 28 March 2007
at DZ Bank AG, Platz der Republik, 60265 Frankfurt/Main

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