Company Profile OHB-System AG (May 2005)

OHB-System AG is a medium-sized systems provider belonging to the OHB Technology group. It is a unique European technology and aerospace group with more than 300 employees. The Space Technology + Security, Telematics and Satellites Services business units generated total revenues of EUR 137.909 million in 2004, with OHB System AG, which specializes in Space Technology + Security, contributing roughly 90%.

OHB-System is a leading company in the small-satellite segment in Europe, having proven its extensive skills in countless projects for the development, construction and operation of small commercial and research satellites and related subsystems. With its experience, OHB-System is able to lead complex projects such as SAR-Lupe the first German satellite-based reconnaissance system as the system manager.

Human Spaceflight is a further key area of business for OHB-System. The Company is participating in many areas in connection with the development of the International Space Station ISS as well as in developing numerous experimental facili-ties for the research laboratories on board the European COLUMBUS module. OHB-System is for example main contractor for ESA’s European Physiology Modules Facility EPM.

OHB-System has been active in the field of space transportation since its establishment with projects like FALKE and Express. Today, OHB-System is involved in a variety of transportation-related projects ranging from the provision of commercial launch services with the Russian COSMOS launcher to the participation in the development and production of ESA's Automated Transfer Vehicle ATV as well as the definition of future Reusable Launch Vehicles within the Phoenix, ASTRA, TETRA and X-38 programs.

OHB-System can look back on two decades of high-tech development. The Company is already putting this experience to practice in the security and reconnaissance segment with great success.

In addition to SAR-Lupe, the Aerial Reconnaissance Data System ARDS for radio transmission of aerial reconnaissance images is an advanced data-reduction technology being developed by OHB-System to ensure almost perfect and secure transmission of high-resolution reconnaissance images via radio.

The Group has it head office in the Bremen Technology Park. Other subsidiaries and holdings are based in Italy, France, Luxembourg, Russia and the United States.

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