Complex data transmission system successfully demonstrated in flight

Performance exceeding requirements

As part of the European Technology Acquisition Program ETAP, Bremen-based space and high technology company OHB-System AG has developed for EADS Military Aircraft a data transmission system allowing complex datastreams such as reconnaissance images and videos to be sent from manned and unmanned airborne vehicles to ground stations free of any errors. Last week, a test flight involving a Tornado very successfully demonstrated just how superbly this system works. During the flight lasting around 1.5 hours from Manching to Lake Constance, it was shown for the first time how various data links can be deployed on a networked basis. The performance to be supplied by OHB of 250 Mbps (million bits per second, high-speed DSL achieves figures of 4 Mbps) over a range of 150 km was in fact exceeded by over 30 km. "We have not only supplied a system which works perfectly," says OHB project manager Wilfried Wetjen, "but completed the project six months ahead of schedule."

This excellent performance was praised by the program partners as well as the public-sector customer, the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB). The work is based on the successful ARDS (Aerial Reconnaissance Data System), with which OHB-System has developed a revolutionary system for the radio transmission of high-resolution aerial reconnaissance data between aircraft and ground stations over the past few years.

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