Contract awarded by German Federal Government for development of complex image data transmission process

OHB with follow-up job thanks to succsessful work

Bremen-based space and high technology company OHB-System AG has received a contract from the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB), under the terms of which it is to continue and extend its convincing work on the radio transmission of high-resolution aerial reconnaissance images.

Worth around EUR 4 million, the D-WERDAS project, as it is known, provides for OHB-System to develop a system enabling the long-distance transmission of aerial data between aircraft. D-WERDAS marks an extension to the work on the successful ARDS (Aerial Reconnaissance Data System), with which OHB-System has developed a revolutionary system for the radio transmission of high-resolution aerial reconnaissance data from aircraft to ground stations. Thanks to these two projects, it will be possible for high-resolution radar, infrared and optical images to be exchanged between flying systems securely and over large distances by radio in the future.

At the same time ARDS is being extended to permit the exchange of data with latest-generation US radio systems implementing the secret NATO standard for use in international operations.

Via this contract, OHB-System is creating the technological basis for data reduction and radio transmission of high-resolution images. As well as this, it is continuing its previous successful activities in the reconnaissance area. With ARDS and the radar satellite system SAR-Lupe, OHB in Bremen is working on two central German reconnaissance projects.

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