Contract signed by OHB System and DLR Space Administration for the definition phase of the “Heinrich Hertz” satellite mission valued at around EUR 11 mio.

Yesterday afternoon, OHB System AG, a member of the European space and technology group OHB AG (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124), was awarded a contract by the Space Administration of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) for system leadership of a national telecommunications satellite known as “Heinrich Hertz” and the development of the necessary satellite. The contract that has now been signed is valued at around EUR 11 million and provides for work to be performed on the predefinition of all mission elements. The 15-month contract starts today. The results of this definition phase will be used as a basis for the ensuing construction and testing of the satellite, for which a separate contract will be awarded and which is to go into orbital operation in 2016.

“Heinrich Hertz” will be used to test new types of satellite communications technology under real conditions to safeguard national system competence in geostationary communications satellites. Named in honor of an important German physicist, the satellite is to demonstrate German skills in real conditions with respect to both platforms for geostationary satellites and payloads.

Said Frank Negretti, a member of OHB System AG Management Board: “Heinrich Hertz will be making a material contribution to the continued development of space technology for communications satellites by German companies, research institutions and universities. Only tests performed under real conditions to determine compatibility with radiation in space or extreme changes in temperatures allow devices to be enhanced and new services to be tested comprehensively and efficiently. 

The mission offers universities, research institutions and industry a platform for conducting numerous scientific/technical experiments. The selection of the German SmallGEO satellite will simultaneously support the goal systematically being pursued by Germany and the European Space Agency (ESA) in the ARTES 11 program of building up system skills in this area in Europe and extending German capabilities in the area of satellites and telecommunications payloads.

In addition to the scientific/technical part of the mission, which will be managed by DLR Space Administration, “Heinrich Hertz” offers additional and independent payload capacity which is to be used by the German Federal Ministry of Defense for communications purposes. To this end, a contract governing the coordination of the parts of the missions to be used by the German Federal Ministry of Defense by DLR was signed in 2011.

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