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COSMOS Launcher
COSMOS Launcher

COSMOS International GmbH is responsible for launching the SAR-Lupe satellites. The company has arisen from joint activities in connection with the use of Russian carrier rocket systems, which are deployed for launching various OHB small satellites (Safir 1 & 2, Abrixas, Bird Rubin and LLMS). Since the beginning of the nineties, OHB-System had been working very successfully with Russian engineering office POLYOT in Omsk, which developed the COSMOS carrier rocket in the sixties. Since then, the dual-phase carrier rocket system has achieved reliability of over 97 percent in more than 750 launches. The COSMOS rocket is ideal for transporting small satellites to low-orbit positions.

It was necessary to modify the tip of the rocket to accommodate the broad parabolic antenna fitted to the SAR-Lupe radar satellites. POLYOT developed and built a special payload fairing for this purpose, demonstrating its functionality during a successful trial launch in January 2005.

On the strength of the many years of good and successful collaboration, the OHBGroup has since forged closer ties with POLYOT. Thus, alongside OHB and POLYOT, Italian space technology company Carlo Gavazzi Space also holds a stake in the recently incorporated COSMOS Space Systems AG. The extended business targets still focus on the global marketing of launching services and the modernization and further development of the COSMOS rocket. As well as this, COSMOS Space Systems AG will develop, produce and launch small satellites and step up the marketing of turn-key satellite systems in Germany, Italy and Russia.

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