COSMOS successfully launched

Small satellites KAISTSAT 4 and Rubin-4 in final orbit

COSMOS Launch Tower
COSMOS Launch Tower

This morning, on the stroke of 8:11:43 am CET, a COSMOS booster rocket was launched into space with its payload of six multinational satellites. The rocket was launched from Plesetsk Space Center, 800 kilometers northeast of Moscow, and successfully brought the satellites on board, including OHB’s micro-satellite RUBIN-4-dsi, into their respective orbits. OHB, via its subsidiary COSMOS International Satellitenstart GmbH, organized and carried out the services associated with the launch of South Korean research satellite KAISTSAT-4, which was also on board.

The orbital telematics experiment Rubin-4-dsi developed by OHG is located on the upper stage of the COSMOS and transmits information on the rocket’s acceleration, vibration load and position. Rubin will transmit this information to earth via e-mail using the Orbcomm satellite communications system. In this way, it will be possible to track the rocket in orbit reliably and without any data loss.

RUBIN-4-dsi is the fourth micro-satellite from the RUBIN series developed and maintained by OHB. The first was launched in July 2000 and transmitted approximately 1,600 e-mails with measuring data from outer space. RUBIN-2, a much more complex follow-up model, and RUBIN-3 came at the end of 2002.

Among other things, RUBIN communications technology can in future be used for communicating with satellites orbiting close to the earth without any data loss. Moreover, RUBIN can provide early information on whether a satellite was successfully put into orbit.

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