ENVISAT: Measuring instruments from Bremen ready for operations

OHB-System AG playing a key role in measuring instruments and ground equipment

The successful launch of the ENVISAT environmental satellite in the early hours of March 1 was of particular interest to OHB's Chief Executive Officer Prof. Manfred Fuchs. "A smooth launch was of immense significance for European aerospace. We all kept our fingers crossed", said the businessman from Bremen.

His company made key contributions to ENVISAT. During the satellite building and testing phase, OHB delivered the complete mechanical ground support equipment (MGSE) for transport and integration.

The payload SCIAMACHY, a measuring instrument for scanning the atmosphere, works with the Science Data Processing Unit constructed and built by OHB-System together with the Institute for Environmental Physics, University of Bremen. In addition, OHB-System also delivered the harness for another instrument, MIPAS, which is also used for atmospheric measurements. The overall ten instruments on board ENVISAT will be operational within the next six months.

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