EOS and OHB Create New Space Surveillance Capabilities

Electro Optic Systems (ASX: EOS) and OHB-System AG announced today a teaming agreement in the area of space surveillance.

The teaming agreement, signed on May 20, 2008, combines the electro-optic and satellite operations technologies of EOS with the satellite and radar technologies of OHB. Both companies expect that the creation of new space surveillance capabilities will offer unprecedented levels of performance and, therefore, will establish new benchmarks in affordable space technology, with specific application in emerging markets.

Based in Germany, OHB-System AG develops low-orbiting and geostationary small satellites for security applications, communication and scientific research. Reconnaissance satellites and broadband transmission of data from space form the core of OHB space security and reconnaissance technology.

Based in Australia, EOS is a world leader in optical techniques for space surveillance. EOS laser tracking systems provide extremely accurate satellite navigation and enhanced awareness of the operational environment of satellites, extending to space debris in related orbits.

Speaking at the project launch in Bremen, OHB’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Merkle said: “Space surveillance is having a major impact on global space and security related issues. For Europe, it’s important to have credible independent capabilities, and international cooperation is both desirable and necessary. Therefore EOS and OHB are ideal partners for creating space situational awareness around the world.”

The Chief Executive of EOS, Dr Ben Greene said: “EOS is very pleased to enter into this relationship with OHB. EOS’ optical technologies and OHB radar technology are completely complementary, and there are no known requirements in space surveillance that cannot be met by a combination of these technologies. The new team of OHB-EOS can now provide space surveillance customers with enhanced capability at very competitive prices. I expect this teaming to lower the cost of entry for new users of space data, opening new markets.”

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