European data link for aerial reconnaissance

Orbitale Hochtechnology Bremen - System AG (OHB) and Thales Communications SA (TCF) joining forces to offer the next generation of Stanag 7085 imagery data links

The two leading European companies OHB and TCF have signed a Memorandum Of Understanding at ILA 2002 to combine their skills in the area of STANAG 7085 High Rate (beyond 100 Mb/s) for Long Range Datalinks (beyond 200 km) for Air Reconnaissance Applications to allow Europe to fulfil its aerial reconnaissance needs.

With this joint initiative called EDL (European Data Link), both companies will work be working together to offer common modes of interoperability to their customers and will pool their expertise to create a new standard based on common product development. This will leverage the latest technologies used in the next generation STANAG 7085 datalinks which they have contracted for by the French and German MODs.

This agreement constitutes a very important step forward in offering the customers the next generation high performance STANAG 7085 datalink dedicated to European independency in aerial reconnaissance.

This will allow the two companies to respond to the growing interoperability requirements of the air reconnaissance programs planned in the coming years in Europe, NATO and worldwide and also to optimize the Ground Segments for these applications.

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