European Reconnaissance System being implemented

OHB-System awarded contract worth a total of EUR 87 million for the implementation of the planned European reconnaissance system

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Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG has today been awarded a contract by the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB), Koblenz, for the implementation of the European satellite-based reconnaissance system. The contract was signed at the BWB head offices in Koblenz by its vice-president Harald Stein and Prof. Manfred Fuchs, CEO of OHB-System AG.

In a contract worth a total of some EUR 87 million (plus VAT) including all options, which will be cofinanced by Germany and France, OHB-System will be creating the technical basis allowing France to access the German SAR-Lupe radar system. In return, Germany will receive access to HELIOS II optical system. The utilization of both satellite systems together marks a preliminary milestone in European strategic reconnaissance. The French and German Ministries of Defence had signed an arrangement to this effect at a German-French summit held in Schwerin four years ago.

OHB-System, which is developing and building SAR-Lupe as the prime contractor, had previously developed the specifications underlying the system in the preliminary E-SGA and FSLGS studies. E-SGA is a German acronym standing for “Europeanization of Satellite-Based Reconnaissance”, while FSLGS is short for “French SAR-Lupe Ground Segment”.

Specifically, this means that Germany will gain access to the HELIOS II system, which is able to supply optical and infrared images. In return, France will be able to use the German SAR-Lupe system, which generates high-resolution radar images independ-ently of the weather and time of day. Various modifications to the German SAR-Lupe ground segment are necessary to implement this project. Thus, interfaces are to be installed to allow France to request and receive images from SAR-Lupe. In addition, the system will be enlarged to permit the addition of further partners in the future.

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