Fifth successful Ariane-5 launch in 2005

Position as reliable and efficient European carrier reinforceda

Last night, an Ariane 5 GS successfully placed the MSG-2 meteorological satellite and the INSAT 4A telecommunications satellite in their planned orbits. After the problems of the past few years, a total of five launches involving the two models ECA (10 t payload) and GS (6 t payload) have been completed free of any technical difficulties and on time this year. As a result, Ariane-5 has impressively demonstrated its position as a reliable and efficient European carrier.

“The impressive feats of all those involved in the Ariane program bear out the wisdom of our decision to acquire MT Aerospace AG. Given Ariane’s technical and timing reliability, we are confident that looking ahead over the next few years at least five successful launches a year will be possible,” says Marco Fuchs, CEO of OHB Technology AG.

MT Aerospace AG, Augsburg, a subsidiary of OHB Technology AG and Apollo Capital Partners GmbH, is the largest German components supplier for the Ariane 5 program and primarily provides structures, tanks and services at the Kourou launch pad.

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