German chancellor Angela Merkel accompanied by OHB Board member on her trip to Turkey

Promising talks on joint German-Turkish space projects

Prof. Manfred Fuchs, CEO of OHB-System AG, traveled with German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and roughly 40 other political and business representatives to Turkey at the end of last week. The program provided for a great deal of scope for negotiations between German and Turkish business leaders. Prof. Fuchs considered the opportunity of taking part in the trip to be extremely important and successful in the interests of promoting joint activities and projects with Turkish companies with which OHB already maintains close contacts.

In the speech which she held at the German-Turkish Economic Forum on October 6 in Istanbul, German chancellor Merkel stated, “it is our ambition for meetings such as today’s to offer a platform for small and mid-size companies in Germany in particular.” She went on to say that the German government would provide all the support it could for the major projects planned in Turkey.

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