German-Kazakh talks in Bremen

German-Kazakh talks in Bremen
Talghat Mussabajew (middle) handing over a present to Prof. Fuchs

On April 13 and 14, talks were held at the OHB Group’s headquarters in Bremen between the Kazakh space agency Kazcosmos and representatives of space companies in Bremen including OHB-System, ZARM and the DLR Institute of Space Systems. The discussions explored possibilities for joint activities between the parties in the development and construction of telecommunications satellites and small satellites. 

The bilateral talks have their roots in a partnership agreement signed in 2009. The representatives on the Kazakh side were the former cosmonaut and current president of the country’s space agency Talghat Mussabajew as well as Messrs. Musakulov, Kozybai and Saduakassov. The German side included Prof. Dr. Hans Rath, ZARM, Prof. Dr. Dittus, DLR, Prof. Manfred Fuchs (OHB), and Prof. Indulis Kalnins (Bremen University).

The upshot of the two-day talks was the establishment of a working party comprising Kazakh engineers and representatives of OHB-System AG to determine the specifics of the partnership between German and Kazakhstan.

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