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Payloads successfully released by COSMOS rocket

This morning at 08:52 CEST, a COSMOS-3M launcher carrying a multinational payload was launched on schedule. The rocket took off at the Plesetsk launching pad located 800 kilometers north-east of Moscow, successfully placing the RUBIN-5 microsatellite developed by OHB as well as other payloads in orbit.

RUBIN-5 is the fifth communications satellite from the RUBIN range, which OHB-System has been developing and enhancing since 2000. Located on the upper stage of the rocket, it initially transmitted information on velocity, vibration loads and the rocket position. RUBIN transmits this data in e-mail form via the Orbcomm satellite communications system. In this way, it is possible to track the rocket in orbit reliably and without any loss of data. In addition, RUBIN is managing and monitoring various technology experiments, including the Advanced Solar Antennae (ASOLANT), which were realized by the Lausanne Polytechnic University in conjunction with OHB-Teledata GmbH for the European Space Agency ESA.

In addition, a detector is being carried on board to collect data allowing the volume of micrometeorites (debris) in solar-synchronous orbits to be calculated. OHB-System AG is conducting this project together with Fraunhofer Ernst-Mach-Institut, Freiburg. A GPS receiver developed by the German Aerospace Center DLR deployed in conjunction with a 3D magnetometer is supplying information on the position of the satellite platform. As well as this, a camera is providing images of the satellite separations and sending these to the ground station via the ORBCOMM network and the Internet.

The primary payloads for this mission comprise the UK terrestrial observation satellite TopSat and the Chinese BEIJING-1, which is also to be used for terrestrial observation. The secondary payloads include SSETI Express, Mozhayets 5, N-Cube 2 and Sinah 1, which were released into their low earth orbits.

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