2. Capital Market Day: OHB Group announces new corp. structure

2005 earnings guidance with some 70 cents per share confirmed

2006 outlook: Total revenues of EUR 175 mill and some 50 cents per share are expected

Today OHB Technology AG (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124) confirmed the 2005 earnings guidance for the OHB Group with some 70 cents per share on the occasion of the 2nd Capital Market Day at MT Aerospace AG in Augsburg. The Management Board and other experts from OHB Technology AG’s individual divisions met with analysts, bankers, investors and journalists in Augsburg for the purpose of taking a deeper look at future projects, their formation and the current developments in space travel. Emphasis here was placed particularly on the activities of MT Aerospace.

The takeover and integration of MT Aerospace (previously MAN Technology) into the OHB Group required a new structuring of the previous segmentation of the Group. Marco R. Fuchs, CEO of OHB Technology AG, explained the new organisation structure in detail, which will immediately be split into three divisions:

  1. Space Systems + Security
    with the space travel core business of OHB-System and its participations as well as the foreign company Luxspace, the co-operation partner OHB ElectroOptics and the French holding company Elta
  2. Space Transportation + Aerospace Structures
    with MT Aerospace AG and its subsidiaries and participations
  3. Telematics + Satellite Operations
    with the telematics activities of OHB Teledata, megatel, Timtec Teldatrans and Telematic Solutions as well as participations in the American satellite operator ORBCOMM

According to the Management Board guidance, 2005 earnings per share profited from non-recurrent extraordinary profit from the debit difference through the initial consolidation of MT Aerospace AG in Q3 2005 and – as already announced upon release of the nine-month figures in November 2005 – will amount to some 70 cents per share. The Group achieved EBIT to the tune of some EUR 13.4 million (previous year EUR 8.5 million).

OHB Group’s guidance on total performance in 2005 in the amount of some EUR 115 million is just slightly above the previous year's figure (EUR 114.1 million). However the takeover of MT Aerospace in Q3 2005 compensated for the previous shortfall in total performance.

For the actual fiscal 2006, the Management Board expects a consolidated total performance of the OHB Group including MT Aerospace AG of approximately EUR 175 million, to which all company divisions should contribute with a higher total performance than 2005. 2005 earnings per share adjusted for one-off expenses of some 34 cents will increase significantly by more than 45 % in 2006 and amount to around 50 cents per share. A dividend payment is planned for both the lapsed 2005 financial year and 2006.

The complete and audited 2005 Group annual accounts of OHB Technology AG will be explained in detail at the annual accounts press conference in Bremen and the analyst’s conference to follow on the same day in Frankfurt/Main on 22 March 2006.

Annual accounts press conference at 9:00 a.m. on 22 March 2006
at OHB Technology AG in Bremen

Analyst’s conference (DVFA) at 2:30 p.m. on 22 March 2006
at DZ Bank AG, Platz der Republik, 60265 Frankfurt/Main

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