2010 Supplier Day held by OHB-System AG

Supplier Day 2010
Berry Smutny, CEO OHB-System AG, presenting at the 2010 Supplier Day

On November 16, OHB-System AG held its international 2010 Supplier Day at its headquarters in Bremen. The purpose of this one-day event was to present OHB-System AG's current and future space programs and to provide a forum allowing OHB and its suppliers to share their thoughts and experience.

Roughly 120 executives from 14 countries took part in the 2010 Supplier Day. In addition to European companies based in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Spain, the UK, Austria, Denmark and France, suppliers from Israel, Canada and the United States were also represented. This was supplemented by the presence of the European Space Agency ESA, thus ensuring a representative cross-section of the entire value chain in the European space industry.

RUAG Space Sweden was honoured "Master Supplier of the Year" in recognition of its reliable high-quality deliveries of onboard processors for the satellites in the Galileo European navigation system and the SGEO geostationary satellite platform.

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