ILA 2006: OHB-System AG with largest exhibition appearance

HALL 9, STAND 9240

The aerospace company OHB-System AG headquartered in Bremen, Germany, will once again be represented at the International Aerospace Exhibition & Conferences in Berlin. You are cordially invited for individual discussions with our management or project manager about the trendsetting projects of OHB.

At our 123qm stand, we will present the following exhibits:


OHB-System is prime contractor for SAR-Lupe, Germany's first satellite-based radar-reconnaissance system. It consists of five identical small satellites and a ground segment. for controlling the satellites and for receiving and processing the image data. The systems operates independent from weather conditions and operates day and night. It delivers up-to-date and highly detailed images from virtually all regions of the world. The launch of the first of five satellites is planned for 2006 with the Russian COSMOS 3M launcher. The fairing had to be modified to accommodate the broad parabolic antenna of the satellites and was qualified during a successful demonstration launch in January 2005. The exhibit, scale 1:3, shows a SAR-Lupe satellite in a modified COSMOS fairing.


The ORBCOMM communications network with its 30 satellites is being modernized. Integration and function testing of the first next generation satellite are taking place at OHBSystem AG in Bremen. The satellite model is in scale 1:3.

LUX/ Small GEO Satellitenplattform

Germany is at the vanguard of the development of small geostationary satellites. The Small GEOs are based on OHB-System AG‘s LUX specifications. LUX is far smaller than conventional geostationary satellites and thus offers a risk-minimized and cost-efficient solution optimally tailored to specific customer requirements. It is shown a mock-up of the satellite in scale 1:3.


CONDOR is an airborne modular system for reconnaissance in remote areas of interest. The CONDOR flight segment accommodates various EO/IR and SAR sensors. Flight missions are controlled by a pilot or by an automatic flight control system alternatively. The CONDOR ground segment provides mission planning, control and data exploitation functionality. The central element is the Aerial Reconnaissance Data System (ARDS) for high rate data transmission between flight and ground segment. ARDS is suited for long range transmission of high resolution images and uses wavelet data compression on demand for efficient bandwidth utilization. This en ables CONDOR to provide reconnaissance data in quasi real time and make them available for online exploitation. The prototype of CONDOR with its payload ARDS and further optional EO/IR sensors is on display III. At our booth a film about the capability of the system is shown.

Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa is a study being carried out by OHB-System AG for planning and implementation of an exploration program. Initially, the focus will be on the Moon, both as a research and testing ground for developing and demonstrating the technologies needed for exploration projects, and as a stepping stone for exploring Mars. The key element in the first exploration step of Mona Lisa will be a versatile lunar landing craft. It is intended for transporting various types of small payloads to the Moon’s surface. As a first payload, OHB is proposing the launch of a small, autonomous research laboratory (AstroHab) focusing on the scientific disciplines astrobiology and life sciences, with the intention to develop the facility from a simple test lab into a fully operational, manned research laboratory eventually. The 1:2 model comprises the first payload AquaHab.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand.

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