ILA 2010: Ever Largest trade fair participation of OHB Technology AG

OHB Technology, the European Space and Technology Group, has its ever largest trade fair participation in its company history in the International Berlin Air Show and conferences (ILA) starting in Berlin today. On more than 400 m2, the OHB Group presents itself with their subsidiaries OHB-System AG, Bremen, Kayser-Threde GmbH, Munich, MT Aerospace AG, Augsburg, Carlo Gavazzi Space SpA, Milan, and LuxSpace Sàrl, Betzdorf (LU).

OHB-System AG:
The space system provider OHB-System based in Bremen shows their current projects and latest technologies on booth 308 in hall 9. Amongst others, there is an exhibit of a satellite of the European satellite navigation system on a scale of 1:3 as well as an exhibit of a communication satellite for a future German mission named „Heinrich Hertz"on a scale of 1:2. This communication satellite is based on the SGEO platform developed and designed by OHB within the ESA ARTES-11-programme and can be used as an efficient and cost-effective component for future German and European Earth observation and telecommunication data relay missions. As the third topic, OHB-System presents a satellite named „CarbonSat"where with its payload the content of CO2 and methane in the Earth's atmosphere can be measured in order to be able to make reliable statements on world-wide emissions of greenhouse gases. 

On display I in the outside section of the ILA, OHB-System AG in co-operation with German companies such as Grob Aircraft, Stemme AG, RST Radar Systemtechnik GmbH and ESG present the concept of a German stand-off surveillance aircraft named DEGOSS. The flight platform is an EGRETT Strato 1 provided by Grob.  OHB-System will equip these with its broadband communication system ARDS as well as with complying sensor technology.

In addition to that, OHB-System and Stemme present OMCoSS, an airborne modular system to be used for real-time surveillance in the relevant operation area with a long holding-time and the ability of broadband data transfer. The flight platform for OMCoSS is the power glider S-15 „CONDOR" by Stemme. The surveillance system consisting of „ARDS" and sensors  (EO/IR/Radar) is developed by OHB-System.

Kayser-Threde GmbH:
On the OHB booth in hall 9, the Munich specialist for the design, development and implementation of payloads and scientific devices for the aerospace industry presents a model of the future German high-spectral satellite EnMAP where with its payload the Earth's surface with more than 200 spectral bands shall be scanned and mapped. Additionally, a model of the technology test carrier  TET-1 which is to test and verify new technologies in space within the On Orbit Verification programme of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) is presented.  

MT Aerospace AG:
On the ILA, the biggest German supplier of the Ariane 5 programme and specialist for space flight structures based in Augsburg presents a number of core competencies covering the areas of developing and manufacturing structures, tanks and other hardware for the aerospace industry.  Above this, there is a demonstration of system capacities as for antenna and mechatronics manufacturing. 

Carlo Gavazzi Space SpA:
The Milan based company Carlo Gavazzi Space,  youngest member of the OHB Technology group, representing itself on the ILA as the system company for micro- and mini satellites, scientific payloads and ground segments for space flight. Their central exhibit is a model of the Italian Earth observation satellite "Prisma" which is to copy the Earth's surface with a high-spectral payload being similar to the German EnMAP project. 

LuxSpace Sàrl:
The Luxembourgish company LuxSpace is as well a system manufacturer of smallest communication satellites which primarily are to assure that the Automatic Identification System (AIS) of ships can be transferred satellite-based. All ships with more than 5000 BRT have such AIS transmitters and provide information on position, direction, cargo and condition of the ships to ocean carriers, coast guard and forwarding agencies. A satellite-based AIS would allow global tracking of ships thus simplifying the admin process of world-wide supply chains or shortening reaction times in emergencies and rescue cases. A model of such an AIS satellite will be shown at the booth.

We look forward to welcoming you at our booth 308 in hall 9 or at Display 1, pavilion 648.

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