MT Aerospace signs CNES contract for Sojus ground facilities in Kourou

Contract for EUR 9.5 million for extensions to the European launch pad in French Guyana

As a strategic partner in a European consortium, MT Aerospace, Augsburg/Mainz, a subsidiary of OHB Technology AG (ISIN: DE0005936124), has received an order from the French Space Agency CNES for the engineering, production and assembly of parts of the ground facilities for the Sojus launcher in Kourou, French Guyana. The contract, with a value of 9.5 M€, includes the delivery of the steel structures, cladding, large mechanical doors and cranes for the ground facilities' spacecraft integration and adjoining buildings. The total contract value from CNES awarded to the partipating European companies exceeds 300 M€.

The signatures of CNES and the consortium "Infrastructure Soyouz" representatives on this contract mark the beginning of a three year project that will enable all requirements for successful Sojus launches from Kourou. End of 2008 the first historic start of a Sojus launcher outside of Baikonur and Plesetsk will take place.

The decision in favour of a concerted development and construction of the infrastructure was made in the strategic interests of both Russia and Europe. This augmentation further enriches the existing market potential and flexibility of the ESA rocket palette.

This order continues MT Aerospace's successful collaboration with the ESA, CNES and Arianespace in the field of ground facilities for the Ariane launcher, and marks a continuation of over 30 years of successful coorperation. The contract confirms MT Aerospace's position as an important player in the construction, operation and maintenance of the European spaceport facilities in Kourou.

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