OHB an exhibitor at MAKS space technology fair in Moscow

Radar satellite systems and launch service on display/Kaistsat 4 small satellite and RUBIN-4-DSI experiment slated for September launch

This year again, Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System will be present at the Russian aeronautics and aerospace fair MAKS, which is taking place in Zhukovsky near Moscow on August 19-24. Among other things, OHB-System will be displaying its SAR-Lupe radar satellite system and its COSMOS launch services.

OHB is the primary contractor of the German federal government for the SAR-Lupe project, the first satellite-based reconnaissance system in Germany, and will be developing and building the five small satellites as well as the ground segment. In addition, it is responsible for launching the satellites and for operating the system over a period of ten years. SAR-Lupe is able to supply high-resolution radar images from almost all parts of the world on a 7/24 basis regardless of weather conditions.

At MAKS, OHB will also be showcasing its COSMOS launch services, which are performed via its affiliate COSMOS International Satellitenstart GmbH. The next Cosmos-3M launch organized by OHB is scheduled for September 26, 2003 from the Russian space center Plesetsk, 800 kilometers north east of Moscow. The main payload comprises six small satellites, including the Korean research satellite KAISTSat 4, as well as Rubin-4-dsi, an orbital telematics experiment being developed by OHB. Rubin-4-dsi will be located on the upper stage of the rocket and transmit information on the rocket status such as position, acceleration etc. to the ground by email using the Orbcomm communications system. In this way, it will be possible to track the rocket in orbit reliably and without any data loss. This technology is also to be used for tracking satellites in the future.

OHB-System AG

OHB-System AG is a medium-sized systems provider belonging to the European OHB Technology AG group, which employs over 290 people in the areas of telematics, space + security and satellite operations.

OHB-System AG specializes in space + security applications. OHB-System’s headquarters at the Bremen Technology Park are home to highly qualified scientists and engineers working on numerous prestigious national and international projects related to small satellites, manned space flight as well as security and reconnaissance technologies. The experience and knowledge gained from numerous orders as well as the fruitful collaboration with other companies permit OHB to assume system management responsibility for complex projects.

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