OHB awarded contract for phase A for four small satellites

OHB to conduct feasibility study for the european space agency ESA’s SWARM mission

SAR-LUPE project fully on schedule following critical design review of the ground segment by customer

OHB-System AG has prevailed over the strong competition with its bid for four identical small satellites for the European Space Agency ESA for studying the changes in the earth’s magnetic field. In its capacity as principal contractor, OHB will be working with Dutch space agency NLR, Danish Space Research Institute DSRM and further partners on a Phase A study for a satellite constellation to be known as SWARM over a period of nine months. This project comprises four low-orbit small satellites on two polar orbits, which will provide the most precise measurements ever on the earth’s magnetic field and track changes over time. Alongside two other concepts, SWARM forms part of ESA’s “Earth Explorer Opportunities Missions” programs. Following the completion of the Phase A studies, which are to be conducted simultaneously, ESA will make a decision on which of the missions is to be carried out. If SWARM is selected, the entire project will have a volume of some EUR 100 million. In this case, OHB-System will be seeking the system management role with an expected contribution of its own of 30-40 %.

SAR Lupe ground segment CDR

At the end of last week, the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement was briefed on the current status of the SAR-Lupe project for critical design review purposes in line with schedule. The ground station comprises two parts – the satellite ground segment for tracking the satellites and receiving the raw visual data and the user ground segment for processing and evaluating data. With the successful completion of this briefing, OHB is still within the contractual schedule. At the same time, the customer expressed its satisfaction with the work performed by the OHB Team.

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