OHB awarded contract for the expansion of the German federal armed forces’ large satellite ground station (anchor station) in Gerolstein

Bremen, November 10, 2015. On October 30, 2015 OHB System AG was awarded a contract by the Federal Republic of Germany represented by the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) to expand the capabilities of the SATCOM anchor station in Gerolstein with the addition of UHF-DAMA (Ultra High Frequency-Demand Assigned Multiple Access) functionality. The system to be implemented enhances the existing UHF-DAMA control station at the SATCOM anchor station in Kastellaun for the requirements-based allocation of UHF resources to the German federal armed forces’ own geostationary satellites COMSATBw 1 and 2.

The planned implementation is already to commence on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. With the additional UHF-DAMA control station in Gerolstein, OHB System AG in its capacity as prime contractor and systems manager is providing the German federal armed forces with crucial functionality, thus ensuring command and communications capabilities in the field.

“The project for the addition of the UHF-DAMA component to the anchor station is of strategic importance for OHB. We would like to additionally expand our expertise in the area of satellite ground systems and market our capabilities as a systems provider on a global level,” says Management Board member, Frank Negretti, who is responsible for terrestrial applications.

The UHF-DAMA control station secures the UHF service and will form an integral part of the large ground station in Gerolstein. Systems management will be implemented centrally in Rheinbach via the management communications network.

The new facility at the satellite control center entails an exterior unit with two antennas, the technical and operations containers including infrastructure and the specific DAMA components as well as remote monitoring and control facilities from the operations room of the large ground station in Gerolstein and the headquarters in Rheinbach.

The equipment to be installed at the control station in Gerolstein will permit the simultaneous operation of all UHF transponders fitted to the COMSATBw satellites in combination with the existing control station in Kastellaun. The two antennas of the satellite control station are fitted with manual alignment facilities. In this way, the satellites of allied partners on the visible geostationary orbit can be operated alongside the German federal armed forces’ own satellites.

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