OHB delivers cores for space Bio-Laboratory EMCS

Centrifuges for American Lab of the International Space Station ISS are handed over


The Bremen-based space company OHB-System AG has delivered the two centrifuges for the biological research laboratory EMCS to the Astrium GmbH, Friedrichshafen, which builds the experimental facility for the European Space Agency ESA.

EMCS stands for European Modular Cultivation System and will be part of the American module of the International Space Station ISS as of 2004.

In this bio laboratory the behavior of plants and little animals can be analyzed under the influence of different levels of gravity from the doubled force of gravity up to weightlessness. More profound insights in biological processes such as the examination of models of fluid transportation in plants or alterations in the cyto-growth under changed gravity conditions are being expected.

With the two centrifuges OHB has developed and manufactured the core of EMCS since 1999. The rotors simulate the different levels of gravity and furthermore provide the Life-Support-System for the animals and plants such as the water flow, humidity regulation, and the control of the light conditions. Moreover the centrifuges are equipped with cameras for monitoring the experiments.

The tests at OHB has been unobjectionable so that the centrifuges have been delivered last Tuesday to Astrium on schedule.

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