OHB focusing on satellite technology and military reconnaissance at "Le Bourget"

Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG will be exhibiting at the 46th International Paris Airshow. OHB will be presenting its products and services in Hall 2, Stand E24A on June 13 - 19, 2005.

In particular, it will be showcasing its unique satellite systems for low and geostationary orbits as well as its security and reconnaissance technology.

SAR-Lupe– The innovative program for satellite-based radar reconnaissance

Within the scope of the SAR-Lupe program OHB-System AG as the prime contractor is developing five identical satellites equipped with highest-resolution radar systems for providing worldwide information under all weather conditions and at day and night time, and a ground segment for controlling the satellites and for receiving and processing image data.

LUX – small geostationary satellites

With its commitment to small geostationary satellites, known as LITTLE GEOs, Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG is pursuing the aim of placing inexpensive satellites with a relatively small mass and volume in geostationary orbits. Under its LUX project, OHB started developing a highly efficient satellite platform for communications and research at the beginning of 2004.

A revolutionary system for transmitting aerial reconnaissance images

CONDOR is a modular, flexible system for extensive aerial reconnaissance. The central component of the CONDOR reconnaissance system is ARDS (Aerial Reconnaissance Data System), which achieves extremely high data transmission rates. This uses the OHB Wavelet process to reduce the data volume generated by the high-resolution aerial reconnaissance images and permits secure and far-reaching transmission of this data (274 Mbps), thus ensuring that it can be evaluated efficiently at the ground station.

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