OHB gaining new orders

Three new space projects for Bremen-based high-technology company OHB

In the past month, OHB-System AG has landed three orders in connection with the International Space Station ISS. With the Inflatable Re-Entry Technology IRT, OHB as the main contractor will be working with EADS, Astrium, DLR as well as Irish company ESIL to develop an inflatable heat-resistant shield allowing space vehicles to reenter the earth’s atmosphere safely and at less expense.

Similar technology is already in existence in Russia but “Europe wants to develop its own IRT skills”, explains OHB project manager Deflef Wilde, “both to optimize the existing concept and to avoid unilateral dependence.” In an order worth EUR 950,000, OHB will be developing and building a prototype for completion in mid 2004.

OHB has also commenced work on the European Transport Carrier ETC for the ESA. Worth EUR 1 million, this project entails the development of a special transport rack in which the sensitive scientific apparatus for experiments to be performed on board the European COLUMBUS module of the ISS can be safely secured on trips to and from the space station.

As well as this, OHB is building a training model for the Biolab, a laboratory for biological experiments, which will also form part of the European COLUMBUS module of ISS, in a project subcontracted from Astrium, Toulouse. Worth EUR 590,000 and scheduled for delivery in April 2003, the model will be used for training astronauts to perform the experiments in outer space.

OHB-System AG

OHB-System AG is a medium-sized systems provider belonging to the European OHB Technology AG group, which employs 277 people in the areas of telematics, space + security and satellite operations.

OHB-System AG specializes in space + security applications. OHB-System’s headquarters at the Bremen Technology Park are home to highly qualified scientists and engineers working on numerous prestigious national and international projects related to small satellites, manned space flight as well as security and reconnaissance technologies. The experience and knowledge gained from numerous orders as well as the fruitful collaboration with other companies permit OHB to assume system management responsibility for complex projects.

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