OHB on target for Europe

The OHB Group acquiring major strategic shares of the French electronic manufacturer ELTA

In the course of their own strategic Europeanisation and within the scope of the privatization of French state companies the OHB Group has acquired 34% of the French electronic specialist ELTA S.A., Toulouse. ELTA gained experience in the development and manufacturing of highly secure electronic systems for the aerospace industry since 1975.

The company particularly specializes in technologies and equipment for data acquisition, measuring and transmission as well as for positioning and tracking mobile assets. This will complement the aeronautics telematics segments of the OHB Group to optimum effect.

The acquisition of the ELTA shares is facilitating OHB's entry into the French market. Due to the close co-operation between ELTA and major companies and industrial sectors especially in France the OHB Group will have access to new customers and business in the key French market.

With this partnership OHB as well as ELTA are consolidating their European identity and strengthening their position in the field of aeronautics and telematics.

About the OHB group

The space company OHB-System, the telematics provider OHB Teledata ,and the satellite operator ORBCOMM - each with their affiliated companies - will be centralized under the umbrella of the OHB Technology AG. The headquarters will be located in the Technology Park Bremen. The OHB group comprises approx. 300 employees. 95% of them are highly qualified scientists and engineers.

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