OHB: Outstanding entrepreneurial performance recognized

Prof. Manfred Fuchs
Prof. Manfred Fuchs

To mark its 15th anniversary, the U.S. magazine Space News devoted a special edition to 100 personalities who have made a major contribution to space flight during the last decade. Prof. M. Fuchs, CEO of OHB System AG, was the only German national to be included in the section “Corporate Chieftains“.

In the early 1980s, the Fuchs family took over the small company OHB-System GmbH with its five employees, and over the following two decades they turned OHB into a publicly listed and internationally recognized group of companies with a workforce of about 500 employees. Space News acknowledges the development of OHB from a small company responsible for a few small satellites and hardware for the International Space Station to become Germany's leading contractor for orbit payloads for military purposes.

The SAR-Lupe project has made a major contribution to the standing OHB-System AG enjoys today. SAR-Lupe is a satellite reconnaissance program for the German Federal Armed Forces, consisting of five satellites as well as the associated ground stations. The benefit of the project lies in the delivery of radar images for military reconnaissance purposes.

Space News also mentions the fact that the acquisition of the Italian company Carlo Gavazzi Space by OHB-System has led to an essential expansion of the operation.

“It is an honor for me along with Minister Bulmahn as German nationals to be mentioned in this reputed U.S. magazine,” said Fuchs in response to the recognition received for his entrepreneurial performance.

Prof. Fuchs, born in South Tyrol, is a graduate aircraft and automotive engineer and is an Honorary Professor at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. Prior to establishing OHB-System, Prof. Fuchs worked in the aerospace and aeronautics industry for many years.

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