OHB supplying key subsystems for the Fluid Science Lab of the Space Station

At the end of last week, Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG shipped the power control unit (PCU) for the physical research laboratory FSL (Fluid Science Lab) to Alenia Spazin in Turin. This followed on from the entire cabling for the laboratory, which OHB had completed and delivered last November, and the video management unit for recording, editing and transmitting video and research experiment data at the end of February. The Italian company is building the experiment apparatus for the COLUMBUS module of the International Space Station for the European Space Agency ESA. The Fluid Science Lab is designed to conduct experiments on the transportation of materials and energy as well as the surface properties of liquids and gases in gravity-free conditions as of 2004. A better understanding of these phenomena is of crucial importance for optimizing the terrestrial use of fluid resources, e.g. in combustion, lubrication, coating and other technical processes.

Still to come at the end of April is a series of high-resolution digital cameras to be used for precision monitoring of fluid phenomena. Using these cameras in tandem with precise video processing and transmission (VMU), scientists will be able to follow and control their experiments on an almost real-time basis from the earth. A similarly powerful video system is still under construction for the European Drawer Rack and is to be shipped in May.

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