OHB supplying second video system for space station research laboratory

First shipment for the Fluid Science Lab undergoing testing

At the end of last week, Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG shipped the video management unit (VMU) for the EDR (European Drawer Rack) research laboratory to Alenia Spazio in Turin. This followed the completion of a similar device by OHB for the Fluid Science Lab (FSL) in the spring of this year. The Italian company is building the two experimental devices for the COLUMBUS module of the International Space Station for the European Space Agency ESA. The VMU is used for recording, processing and transmitting image and research data from up to eight cameras and three high-speed data ports known as "space wires". Data with a volume of up to 72 gigabytes can be temporarily stored before being compressed and sent to the ground. The European Drawer Rack is targeted at scientists from different disciplines interested in performing experiments under zero-gravity conditions, e.g. protein research requiring high-resolution image data for monitoring and controlling crystal growth.

The Fluid Science Lab FSL, for which OHB has not only supplied the video system but also the entire power supply system, cable harnesses and a series of special cameras, will be arriving at EADS Space Transportation at Bremen airport for Columbus interface testing this week after the completion of system integration at Alenia Spazio in Italy. The integrated EDR is expected to reach Bremen for testing in October.

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