OHB-System AG at MAKS, Moscow

Hall/Stand H4-5

This year again, OHB-System AG, the space technology company based in Bremen, Germany, will be exhibiting at the International Aviation & Space Salon MAKS. You are welcome to find out more about OHB’s innovative projects in one-on-ones with members of the Company’s Management Board or our representatives.

Among other things, we will be presenting themes concerning:


OHB-System is the primary contractor for SAR-Lupe, Germany’s first satellite-based radar reconnaissance system. It comprises five satellites and a corresponding ground segment for controlling the satellites and receiving, processing and evaluating image data. The system works day and night regardless of the weather and supplies immediate and highly detailed radar images of virtually any area of the earth.

OHB uses the Russian 3M launcher for all SAR-Lupe launches. The first two SAR-Lupe satellites have been in their orbits since December 2006 and July 2007. They are supplying high-resolution images and are operating very successfully and reliably. The third satellite follows in its low-altitude orbit at November 1, 2007.

ORBCOMM CDS & Quicklaunch

The ORBCOMM communications network with its 30 satellites is being modernized. Integration and function testing of the first seven next generation satellites are taking place at OHB-System AG in Bremen. OHB is realizing the project with the joint venture COSMOS Space Systems AG. The Russian partner POLYOT from Omsk is supplying the satellite platforms and is handling the launching procedures. Orbital Sciences Corporation based in Dulles, Virginia is also under contract with ORBCOMM to develop and manufacture the payloads that incorporates ORBCOMM services.

In addition to performing the same communications tasks as ORBCOMM's existing satellites, the new satellites will be able to receive the Automatic Identification System (AIS) signals for global maritime monitoring. The satellites are to be launched on board the Russian COSMOS 3M launcher from the Kapustin Yar Cosmodrome.

Mona Lisa project for the exploration of the moon and Mars

Mona Lisa is a study conducted by OHB-System AG for planning and executing an exploration program. The program is initially concentrating on the moon as a research and testing field for developing and demonstrating exploration technologies as well as providing a stepping stone for missions to Mars.

The core element of the first step in Mona Lisa entails a lunar orbiter which, among other things, will be used to map the surface of the moon.

In a second step, a multifunctional lunar landing vehicle for the transportation of small payloads to the surface of the moon is planned. OHB has proposed as a preliminary payload a small autonomous research laboratory (AstroHab) for astrobiology and life sciences, which is to be developed from a testing laboratory into a fully functional manned research laboratory.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.

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