OHB-System AG awarded contract for the ESA „MARCO POLO“ asteroid mission study

OHB entering the ESA research program as main contractor

OHB-System AG, a subsidiary of the European space technology group OHB Technology AG, has been awarded a contract by the Science Directorate of the European Space Agency ESA for the execution of an assessment study for the “Marco Polo” asteroid mission. In this way, OHB has managed to secure a role as a main contractor in the ESA research program. The study will be commencing on today’s date and extend for a period of one year.

Said Prof. Manfred Fuchs, CEO of OHB-System AG: “Marco Polo is a particularly attractive project for OHB. With the award of the contract for this study, we have received an opportunity for the first time of contributing the experience which we have gained from building satellites over many years in the interests of scientific research into space. We want to prove that we are an innovative and reliable partner for ESA for this demanding mission.”

The purpose of the future “Marco Polo” mission will be to retrieve rock samples from a near earth asteroid and to bring them back to earth for scientific evaluation. The aim is to obtain new knowledge of the origins of our solar system by examining the soil samples.

In its study, OHB-System AG will be developing an industrial model for the entire mission and for the construction and launching of the landing module together with the return capsule containing the soil samples. The Marco Polo mission is scheduled for execution in 2017.

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