OHB-System AG with its largest-ever stand in Le Bourget, Paris

Hall 2, Stand F21/22C

This year again, OHB-System AG, the space technology company based in Bremen, Germany, will be exhibiting at the Airshow in Paris Airshow in Le Bourget. You are welcome to find out more about OHB’s innovative projects in one-on-ones with members of the Company’s Management Board or the responsible project managers.

Among other things, we will be presenting exhibits concerning:


OHB-System is the primary contractor for SAR-Lupe, Germany’s first satellite-based radar reconnaissance system. It comprises five satellites and a corresponding ground segment for controlling the satellites and receiving, processing and evaluating image data. The system works day and night regardless of the weather and supplies immediate and highly detailed radar images of virtually any area of the earth.

The first SAR-Lupe satellite has been in orbit since December 2006. It is supplying high-resolution images and is operating very successfully and reliably. The second satellite is scheduled for launch in the near future and is to be placed in its low-altitude orbit on July 1, 2007. After the ensuing start-up of the satellite, the German Federal Armed Forces will have an operational reconnaissance system as of autumn 2007. The remaining three satellites will be launched in intervals of around four months, with the entire system to be completed in 2008.

Small GEO satellite platform

On March 7, 2007, Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG was awarded a contract by the European Space Agency ESA for the next development phases of the “SmallGEO” small geostationary satellite. The Small GEOs have their origins in technical specifications developed by OHB-System AG. The Small GEO is considerably smaller than conventional geostationary satellites and thus offers a risk-minimized and cost-efficient solution ideally tailored to meet specific customer requirements.


AGILE is an astronomic research satellite for the Italian Space Agency ASI. It has been developed and built by Milan-based space technology company, Carlo Gavazzi Space, an affiliate of OHB-System. The satellite was launched into its orbit at an altitude of 550 km around two months ago and is operating very reliably. It was transported on board an Indian PSLV-C8, which was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, 80km north of Chennai, in its first commercial mission.

The launch was overseen by COSMOS International Satellitenstart GmbH, OHB-System AG’s launch services company. However, an orbit close to the equator was necessary for the Italian small satellite, which is to record gamma and x-rays. It was possible to reach this orbit with optimum effect from the Satish Dhawan Space Center.

Prof. Manfred Fuchs, CEO of OHB-System and Carlo Gavazzi Space, was on site in India to observe what proved to be a perfect launch. The partnership between all parties involved worked perfectly.

Mona Lisa project for the exploration of the moon and Mars

Mona Lisa is a study conducted by OHB-System AG for planning and executing an exploration program. The program is initially concentrating on the moon as a research and testing field for developing and demonstrating exploration technologies as well as providing a stepping stone for missions to Mars.

The core element of the first step in Mona Lisa entails a lunar orbiter which, among other things, will be used to map the surface of the moon.

In a second step, a multifunctional lunar landing vehicle for the transportation of small payloads to the surface of the moon is planned. OHB has proposed as a preliminary payload a small autonomous research laboratory (AstroHab) for astrobiology and life sciences, which is to be developed from a testing laboratory into a fully functional manned research laboratory.


GÖKTÜRK is a satellite system for reconnaissance and earth observation for the Turkish Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (SSM). OHB is taking part in the international tender process as principal contractor. The proposals are currently being evaluated. OHB’s GÖKTÜRK proposal entails the joint development of a high-resolution electro-optical satellite system for reconnaissance purposes.

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