OHB-System granted follow-up orders for the International Space Station ISS

Postponement of the launch of the US Shuttle to be used to optimize the laboratories on board the European COLUMBUS module


Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG has received an order from the European Space Agency ESA for extension work on the EPM research laboratory, which is to be used to conduct medical examinations on board the International Space Station ISS.

ESA is utilizing the time arising from the postponement of the launch of the European laboratory module COLUMBUS, which has been caused by the ongoing interruption to US Shuttle flights, to additionally enhance the experimental equipment. The extension phase will last for two years pending the planned launch of the COLUMBUS on board a US Shuttle. One of the aims is to extend the scope for servicing the EPM medical research laboratory as the US space agency NASA will be reducing the planned number of flights to the ISS.

OHB-System AG developed and built the EPM as part of the ESA’s microgravitation program. The purpose of this program is to investigate the effects of weightlessness on human physiology. The experiments will be primarily performed to determine the response of and strain on the human body in gravity-free conditions particularly in the light of the resumption of manned space flight and possible Mars missions. The extension project has a volume of EUR 3 million. As part of the extension program, negotiations are currently being held for further contracts for optimizing other payloads in which OHB-System AG played a key role.

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