OHB Technology AG and Apollo Capital Partners GmbH acquire MAN Technologie AG

Attractive transaction for alle Parties

At the beginning of June, OHB Technology AG (ISIN: DE0005936124), a globally leading supplier in the space + security, telematics and satellite services sectors, and the Munich-based technology holding company Apollo Capital Partners GmbH signed an agreement with MAN AG concerning the acquisition of 100 percent of the shares in MAN Technologie AG, Augsburg.

MAN Technologie AG is active in the aerospace sector, primarily as a supplier of the European Ariane-5 rocket as well as tank systems for the aviation industry. The company, which generated revenues of approx. EUR 100 million in 2004, is to constantly advance and expand its business activities in these fields. In the future, the company will trade under the name MT Aerospace AG, Augsburg.

In addition to achieving further diversification for the OHB Group via extensions to its product business, this transaction will particularly enable synergistic benefits to be harnessed in the development, construction and marketing of launch and transport systems. With its shares in the company, OHB Technology AG is further reinforcing its strongest business unit, Space Technology + Security, and thus implementing its growth strategy for its core areas as planned.

By deepening their joint activities, the companies will be seeking to harness further strategic development potential as well as scope for optimizing development activities in order to pool and strengthen their resources.

What does MAN Technology AG (now known as MT Aerospace AG) do?

MAN Technologie is a leading supplier of equipment for the space industry. Thus, it manufactures key structural and drive components for the ARIANE 5 carrier. As well as this it is involved in fitting out and maintaining the Kourou launch pad in French-Guayana. MAN Technology supplies tanks for water systems for aircraft, including the Airbus fleet.

Space technology products

Development and production of light-weight structures, tanks and drive components for the European carrier ARIANE 5. Production of carrier components for the world market. Development and production of high-temperature-resistant CMS structure components and heat-shield systems, re-entry systems. Development and production of high-pressure containers, fuel tanks and structures for satellites. Participation in the construction and operation of launch sites for carriers as well as satellite preparation centers including operations and maintenance.

Industrial products

Development and production of fresh and used water tanks for aircraft. Development and production of tanks and structural components in metal, composite-fiber and ceramic structures for aviation and defense. Development and production of fuel systems for air-borne vehicles. Development and production of gas storage systems for commercial vehicles.

Antennae / mechatronics

Design and system studies, project development, turnkey delivery and maintenance of mobile and stationary ground stations for satellite communications, antenna, radio and optical telescopes as well as mechatronics.

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