OHB Technology AG executes the formal acquisition of MT Aerospace AG (previously MAN Technologie AG)

The formal transfer of all shares of MAN Technologie AG to MT Aerospace Holding GmbH, Bremen took place on 28 June. This transaction has been retroactively effective as of 1 January 2005.

OHB Technology AG (Prime Standard, ISIN: DE0005936124) is expanding its position as the leading German aerospace company through this acquisition. The Orbital and Transport Systems division in particular will be significantly enhanced through MT Aerospace AG. MT Aerospace AG is both an important supplier of the European Ariane-5 rocket, as well as a major contributor in the development of automatic transfer vehicles (ATV) for the supply of the international space station ISS.

At MAN Technologie AG’s extraordinary shareholders’ meeting on 29 June 2005, the name change to MT Aerospace AG was resolved. In addition, the shareholders’ meeting elected four representatives of the new shareholder to the Supervisory Board. Dr. Wolfgang Brunn (previously member of the Executive Board of MAN Technologie AG) was elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Marco R. Fuchs (CEO of OHB Technology AG) was elected as Deputy Chairman. Moreover, Professor Manfred Fuchs (Executive Board member of OHB Technology AG) and Richard Hauser (Partner Booz Allen Hamilton) were elected to the Supervisory Board. The tenure of office of the newly elected members of the Supervisory Board will run through the whole Supervisory Board’s ordinary re-election in spring 2006.

At the Supervisory Board meeting of MT Aerospace AG on 29 June 2005, Walter H. Köppel was confirmed as a member of the Executive Board and Hans J. Steininger was elected to the Executive Board. At the same time, Mr. Steininger resigned from office as a Supervisory Board member of OHB Technology AG. Professor Heinz Stoewer is to be appointed as a new Supervisory Board member of OHB Technology AG by the Bremen county court.

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