OHB Technology bidding for GALILEO concession

OHB TECHNOLOGY AG, Bremen, is pleased to announce that it has submitted a proposal, together with its partners, to the joint undertaking to become the GALILEO Concessionaire. Known as the NAVIGATOR CONSORTIUM, the syndicate consists of a large number of European companies, specifically active in the navigation business and market development domain.

GALILEO is a European initiative aimed at providing a new state-of-the-art global satellite navigation system complementing and enhancing existing satellite navigation systems. Structured as an innovative Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project, GALILEO is a leading example of co-operation between the public authorities and the private sector in the area of major infrastructure projects.

OHB TECHNOLOGY AG sees GALILEO as one of the most important satellite projects of this coming decade with numerous strategic and economic benefits for Europe and its citizens.

Explains Prof. Manfred Fuchs, a member of OHB Technology AG’s management board: “Our concept for the implementation of GALILEO allows Europe to enter the satellite navigation market in a timely and cost effective way by reducing technical as well as market risks to the minimum”.

ISIN: DE0005936124; WKN: 593612; Prime Standard

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