OHB welcomes the new start given to Galileo

After several months of uncertainty, Galileo is back on tracks. This is good news for Europe, for its economic development, and its technological leadership. OHB Technology welcomes the communication of the European Commission and supports the new momentum given to complete the system.

By introducing more competition in the programme, the European institutions are strengthening the procurement process, and will ensure best value for money, which is of utmost importance when it concerns public funding.

By proposing to have dual sources, Europe will also be able to keep competition on a long-term basis, and will secure the launch of the constellation in the shortest timeframe possible.

OHB Technology is ready to support both the European Commission and the European Space Agency in this approach, by providing cost-effective solutions for the deployment of the constellation.

OHB intends to use its second-to-none experience in such multi-satellite constellations which has been gained through the successful delivery of the German SAR Lupe satellites. SAR Lupe is one of the few space programmes which is being completed on time and on budget for the benefit of its users.

Furthermore OHB is integrating the first seven satellites of the next generation of the ORBCOMM satellite network. The communications services of this constellation are moreover brought to the German and the European market exclusively by OHB. OHB Technology is already in discussion with other experienced companies in Europe, in order to be prepared to sustain a healthy competition for the Galileo satellite procurement.

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