Phase I of the European reconnaissance system launched

OHB-System to conduct a study on a combined Sar-Lupe/Helios II System

The Bremen-based aeronautics company OHB-System AG has received an order from the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement to conduct a study on the "Europeanization of the user ground segment of SAR-Lupe". In this connection, OHB-System, which is developing and constructing SAR-Lupe in its capacity as one of the main contractors, will produce a concept by July 2003 permitting France to co-use the German SAR-Lupe radar system while giving Germany access to the HELIOS II optical system.

The decision to develop this combined system known as E-SGA goes back to a statement issued at the German-French summit in Mainz on June 9, 2000:

"Germany and France intend to establish an independent European satellite-based system. To this end, Germany will procure an all-weather radar satellite system, while France will contribute its optical satellite system. This bilateral initiative will provide the basis for a European system which other European partners may also join".

This statement was ratified in the cooperation agreement signed by the Federal Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Minister of Defense of the Republic of France on July 30, 2002 in Schwerin.

The user ground segments of SAR-Lupe and Helios II are to be utilized as the core element of a European-wide strategic reconnaissance system. To this end, the E-SGA study will be identifying the aspects of the SAR-Lupe ground segment requiring technical modifications and extensions. At the same time, a corresponding budget and schedule will be produced.

Preliminary parts of the system are to be available at the end of 2004, when Helios II goes into operation. The first SAR-Lupe satellites are scheduled for launch at the beginning of 2005.

OHB-System AG

OHB-System AG is a mid-size systems provider specializing in aeronautics and security under the roof of OHB Technology AG. The company belongs to the Fuchs Group, which has roughly 450 employees worldwide.

OHB-System´s headquarters at the Bremen Technology Park are home to 160 highly qualified scientists and engineers working on numerous prestigious national and international projects related to small satellites, manned space flight as well as security and reconnaissance technologies. The experience and knowledge gained from numerous orders as well as the favorable collaboration with other companies permit OHB to assume system management responsibility for complex projects. Following its systematic evolution into a high-tech company, OHB-System is currently the German market leader in the small satellites segment and the only European company to be involved in the development of all experimentation facilities for the Columbus module of the ISS International Space Station.

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