Preliminary SAR-Lupe systems now being tested

Further hardware components operating successfully

The Satellite Management Unit (SMU) contains the electronics for steering and controlling a satellite while it is in orbit around the earth. This crucial hardware component was successfully tested last week by Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG for the SAR-Lupe satellite engineering model.

arlo Gavazzi Space in Milan, Italy, a member of the Fuchs Group, was responsible for assembling the unit and received great praise for its successful work as well as its ability to deliver on time in spite of a relatively tight schedule. The SMU ensures satellite communications, calculates the satellite’s position and is thus ultimately responsible for generating high-resolution radar images.

Following the delivery of the engineering model batteries by Diehl Eagle Pitcher, the gyro by Kearfott and the reaction wheel by Teldix for measuring and controlling the satellite’s position, this marks a further key hardware shipment adding further contours to the engineering model of the first satellite.

In October 2003, OHB will commence work on integrating all the components in the satellite bus. The space technology company is currently building a further integration facility at the Bremen Technology Park for the SAR-Lupe system and for series-production of the SAR satellite.

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