Protection from Space Debris

Prototyp protective shield for micro-meteorites for the automated transfer vehicle and offer for series production submitted

When the ATV of the European Space Agency approaches the International Space Station ISS, its route will be paved with micro-meteorites and small particles of debris which will impact its exterior at a speed of 10-72 km/s. In order to minimize damage to the transfer vehicle and to safeguard the success of the mission, the ATV will be fitted with a protective shield which was developed by Bremen-based space company OHB-System AG. A prototype of this meteorite shield, which Apco Technologies SA built for OHB, was reviewed by customers EADS L.V. and Contraves Space yesterday in Vevey, Switzerland, attracting great praise for the superb development work performed.

Dr. Rolf Janovsky, project manager for the Meteroids and Orbital Protection System MDPS at OHB-System was satisfied: “With the ATV-MDPS project, OHB has demonstrated its ability to develop, enhance and produce effective protection shields to minimize the damage caused by micro-meteorites and space debris, creating an excellent basis for future activities in this area.”

OHB has already submitted an offer for series production of the MDPS for seven transfer vehicles. The company expects to receive the order worth over EUR 3 million in 2004.

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