SAR-Lupe 2 embarking on its trek

Satellite transferred for final testing - launch date announced

SAR Lupe2

Yesterday evening, the second of five SAR-Lupe satellites left the premises of Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG. Its initial destination is the IABG satellite testing center in Ottobrunn, where it will be undergoing final comprehensive testing. For this purpose, the satellite will be exposed to conditions identical to those which it must be able to withstand at the launch and during operations in orbit.

The launch of the second radar satellite in the SAR-Lupe system has been scheduled for the evening of July 1, 2007. Like its predecessor, it will be launched into its low-earth orbit from the Russian cosmodrome in Plesetsk on board a COSMOS 3M.

The first SAR-Lupe satellite has been in orbit since December 2006. It is supplying high-resolution images and operating very successfully and reliably. Once the second satellite has been launched and put into operation, the German Federal Armed Forces will have at its disposal an operational reconnaissance system as of autumn 2007.

The remaining three satellites are to be launched in intervals of around four months, with the entire system to be completed in 2008.

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