SAR-Lupe learning to see

First antenna for SAR-Lupe satellite reconnaissance system successfully tested in Sweden

SAR Lupe is learning to see
SAR Lupe is learning to see

The capabilities of the first parabola antenna for the SAR-Lupe satellite reconnaissance system have been successfully demonstrated. In fact, Saab Ericsson, Göteborg, which developed and constructed the more than 3 m high parabola antennas on behalf of Bremen-based space technology company OHB-System AG, managed to exceed the target parameters. "We are very satisfied. The date for this milestone was defined two years ago and has been kept in spite of a very tight schedule," says SAR-Lupe project manager Dr. Ingo Engeln, who witnessed the testing in Göteborg.

The antennas act as the "eyes" of the total of five identical satellites. When a satellite records a radar image, the radio waves are bundled via these antennas, transmitted and received again. The echo data collected is stored and processed by the radar system and the radar images sent to the ground station.

At today's scheduled 6th management review in Koblenz, the customer, the German Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement, stated that it was very satisfied with the technical progress being made with the SAR-Lupe project.

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