SAR-Lupe – The innovative program for satellite-based radar reconnaissance

SAR Lupe
SAR Lupe

Within the scope of the SAR-Lupe program OHB-System AG as the prime contractor is developing five identical satellites equipped with highest-resolution radar systems for providing worldwide information under all weather conditions and at day and night time, and a ground segment for controlling the satellites and for receiving and processing image data. Using a hitherto unrivaled testing method, OHB has very successfully demonstrated the capabilities of the satellites on the ground on several occasions. This involved aligning the satellites to the International Space Station ISS and capturing high-resolution radar image of the station in orbit.

After the completion of the engineering model, the first two flight satellites are currently being integrated. Located in Gelsdorf, the ground station has now been very largely completed. The first SAR Lupe will be transmitting high-resolution radar images from space as of 2006.

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