Successful Ariane launch

Successful launch ensuring continuity for MT Aeroespace AG

Last night, an Ariane 5 launcher again successfully placed two satellites in their geostationary transfer orbit. At 7:32 PM local time, the Ariane lifted off from the European launch pad in Kourou, French-Guyana. Roughly half an hour later, it released its first payload, the French Syracuse-3A military satellite. This was followed shortly afterwards by the US telecommunications satellite Galaxy 15.

This further successful launch of the Ariane-5 was also of particular significance for MT Aerospace AG, Augsburg, a subsidiary of OHB Technology AG (ISIN: DE0005936124). “With this launch, we have passed a further important milestone towards ensuring compliance with the Arianespace launch schedule and, hence, also the production and delivery rates planned by MT Aerospace in its Ariane business,” reports Walter Köppel, the member of MT Aerospace AG’s management board responsible for marketing and technology.

A further two launches are scheduled for this year, one on November 9 and the other on December 20.

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